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Thanks for visiting RealComputerJobs.com! We are the Internet's #1 resource for legitimate home-based and work-at-home computer jobs. All jobs posted on our site are verified by our staff as 100% legitimate. If we start receiving complaints on any of our listed companies or positions, they are immediately removed from our listings. Fortunately, we have been doing business with most of our companies for years, and they have excellent reputations for treating their employees fairly and paying as promised.

As we all know, the 2010 job forecast is not very promising. "Brick and mortar" jobs are still being lost at unprecedented rates. Fortunately, in our "electronic society", the internet is thriving. Individuals with only basic computer skills can earn an excellent income working only part-time from their homes. No, this isn't some stuffing envelopes or assembling crafts scheme. You'll be paid well for doing real computer jobs like typing, processing orders, data entry, customer service, coding, transcription, and many more.

So, why do our companies hire "at-home" workers? It's simple economics. Think about it, they don't have to provide any work space, equipment, utilities, etc.. This is why they are still flourishing, while other companies are floundering in the current economy. Most of our companies require only basic computer and typing skills, and you can work at you own pace and convenience. Others are more technical, and some do require you to work set hours (all from home). Either way, we have over 1000 excellent work-at-home jobs, in dozens of categories, waiting for you...RIGHT NOW!

  Just a few years ago, we started out with just over 100 online and home-based computer job positions. Since then, the number of both "online" and "brick and mortar" companies seeking "home-based" workers has grown exponentially. We no longer need to endlessly scout for job openings. REAL COMPANIES, both large and small, now come to us seeking home-workers. We now dedicate most of our time and effort finding dependable workers for these companies. This has made us the #1 choice for companies seeking home-based employees.

We currently offer OVER 1000 IMMEDIATE OPENINGS for both skilled and not-so-skilled workers. These positions are perfect for stay-at-home moms, college students, retirees, physically challenged, unemployed, recently laid-off, or any responsible/dependable person seeking legitimate work from home. Whether you choose to work full or part-time, by the hour, or by "completed task", we are so confident that you will find the job that is right for you - we back our services with a full 8 week, no risk, money back guarantee.

      No Boss Looking Over Your Shoulder!
      Work At Your Own Pace!

      No Humiliating Drug Test or Physicals!

      No Commuting Back & Forth!
     No Getting Dressed Up For Work!
      More Time With Your Family!
      No More Expensive Daycare & Babysitters!
      Only Basic Computer Skills Needed!
      Work Full or Part-Time!
      Get Started Immediately!
Data Entry Typing/Clerical Customer Service
Transcription Billing Order Processing
Web Design Coding Research
Tutors Video Gaming Editors
Proof Readers Translation Graphic Design
Appointment Setting Sales/Marketing Many, Many More

Q:  Will I have to pay any additional "fees" to work for these companies?

A:  No, these are REAL JOBS by REAL COMPANIES. They are not allowed to charge any type of application, membership or signup fees, nor are they allowed to make you purchase any special software or equipment. We only accept LEGITIMATE job offerings for our members.

Q:  Why do these companies want people to work at home?

A:  They save up to 75% as opposed to hiring "conventional" workers. They don't have to provide work space, equipment, computers, phone lines, electricity, benefits, health care, retirement plans, etc.. This allows for these companies to stay solvent and competitive in these tough economic times. Most Fortune 500 companies now utilize home-based workers.

Q:  Will I have to fill out lengthy applications, do interviews, submit endless resumes.

A:  Getting started with our companies is very fast and simple. First, you search our listings for jobs you are interested in and feel you are qualified for, and then contact them with the information we provide. Most have short online applications, and some may even require a quiz or sample assignment to test your proficiency in the job you are applying for. They are far more interested in your current abilities than previous work history.

Q:  Will I qualify for all of these jobs?

A:   Probably not. However, we have so many to choose from in dozens of catagories, we are extremely confident that you will find something to fit your schedule and abilities. Approximately 50% of our listings only require a computer, internet access and basic computer/typing skills.

Q:  What hours will I be required to work?

A:  Some jobs will have set hours, but most will allow you to work on your own schedule.

Q:  Will I have to purchase any special software or equipment to work for these companies?

A:  In most cases, all that is required is a computer with internet access. However, some advanced word processing, database, or graphic design positions may require that you have your own software.

Q:  How do I contact these employers?

A:  Most are web-based and you will simply apply online. You will be given the contact information provided to us by the employers.

Q: Are these all "hourly" positions.

A:  There are some hourly positions that require you to work set hours, but most are "per-completed-task" positions. The per-completed-task positions allow you to work at your own pace and convenience.

Q:  How will I get paid?

A:  Depending on the company, you will be paid by check or direct deposit to your checking account on a weekly or bi-weekly. Many will even now pay via PayPal if desired..

Q:  When will I actually begin earning money?

A:  Most of our listings are "immediate openings". You could begin earning money within hours of accessing our listings.

Q:  Why do you charge for your service?

A:  We charge an extremely reasonable fee for everything we have to offer. We have spent years developing and researching our job sources. Our nominal fee pays for our staff, advertising and internet hosting expenses.

Q:  When will be able to access your listings?

A:  Immediately after your subscription payment is made you can access our database.

"2 weeks ago, I took a leap of faith and spent my last $40 to access your listings. I had just been laid off and was in a panic. Today, I received my first check. for $784. God bless you! Dave W, San Antonio, TX"

"I was hired and earning $20 per hour setting appointments for a great company within 2 hours of accessing your listings...totally unbelievable! - Sheila J, Mobile, AL"

"I never knew that these type jobs even existed, much less the huge demand for people to fill them. My suit and tie days are over! My daughter is even helping out after school. Thank you! Michael P, Bend, OR"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! After filling out over 30 applications locally with no luck, I decided to give you a try. I had 14 job offers within 24 hours! Feel free to put this in your "testimonials". Theresa A. Largo, FL"

"I am a single/divorced mother of 4, and my family was on the verge of homelessness. I have had decent jobs, but with the cost of gas and childcare, I was still falling way behind on my bills. This literally saved us and I can't thank you enough! Mary Ann D. Minot, ND"

  At RealComputerJobs.com, we want you to have access to as many home-based, computer-related, money making opportunities as possible. So, in addition to our huge, constantly updated online/computer jobs database, we have added several other home-based "opportunities" for you to check out for yourself. These "opportunities" are being sold on other websites for $50-$70. However, you'll get them all absolutely free with your membership. Consider these for some additional income.

BONUS 1 - Paid Online Surveys: Yes, we know this has SCAM written all over it! Believe it or not, we have found 100+ of these companies who will actually pay you to do various types of online surveys. However, contrary to the "get rich" advertisements, this is somewhat tedious and mediocre paying work.

BONUS 2 - Paid To Surf: These 40+ websites will pay you to receive emails, click on links to visit websites, and search the web. These sites offer the greatest opportunity for recurring, additional income. Put the kids to work doing this while you are taking a break from your real job!

Bonus 3 - Paid Offers: Here's 20+ websites that pay you to complete simple offers - mostly free signups and free trials. You will be compensated for each offer that you complete. Hey, it's quick way to receive some cash and cool free stuff!


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